Kulte & Free State of Orange

The malaise has the metallic smell of the Iron Lady who is demolishing British society with big blows of her handbag to hand it over to the laws of the market. The malaise has the metallic smell of the guitar strings that are tortured in the squats of unemployed people from London, safety pins that we stick in our cheeks, razor blades that we carry around. Unease has the metallic smell of the sides of the spaceships that are going to take us Anywhere out of this world , as Baudelaire said: anywhere outside the world. Since the air is in crisis, but it smells rather good...

Kulte and Etat Libre d'Orange sweep away the last hints of patchouli that linger in the wake of the summer of love and intermingle for the duration of an edition between the burning of pepper, the sharpness of leather and the smell of blood.

A gesture of resistance, like perfume.

EAU DE PARFUM NATURAL SPRAY (50 ml) Olfactory composition: lemon, black pepper, ambrette, prune JE, electric aldehydes, heliotrope, patchouli, orcanox, leather…


Available from December 1, 2012 in all Kulte stores, as well as in the Etat Libre d'Orange store

Orange Free State