Mister BMX is Kulte

This week we offer you a somewhat special portrait of one of the best-known street artists from the south of France AKA Monsieur BMX.
You must have already come across his works at the corner of a street, in impromptu places, Monsieur BMX has now been creating creations centered around the world of BMX as one with the urban environment in which he has been creating for many years. install them. 

Monsieur BMX has a strong identity recognizable among thousands, where here, the artist by linking his creations to public space reveals the city in which he installs them. 

What makes this artist unique is also his commitment which we were able to fully notice following his latest works, shopping carts fixed in the walls of the streets of Montpellier, in order to collect donations of food for the homeless. , to face an increasingly indecent consumer society. 

The street artist gave us an exclusive interview this week and looks back on his creations.

What are your main inspirations in the field of art?

The people I saw in the street, the graffiti artists, from Nîmes Montpellier and Paris, I took a slap with O'clock and Krevet, people who were never afraid of developing their vandalism, and I I have no other knowledge in the art.

How do you get the gear you need for your street creations?

It's recovery, trash and recycling center.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the built-in shopping cart to collect donations? Did it work?

It's my liability as a store employee at Lidl, our consumer society is going straight into the wall... ;)

How are your creations received in Montpellier? Brussels ? New York ? Because I have sometimes seen that some were withdrawn...

I'm lucky to be well received in Montpellier, it's part of pop culture now, it's a huge honor for me. Afterwards to be honest elsewhere I don't really know.

Have you ever done any artistic collaborations?

Yes with Tieri tdm, a friend who makes sculptures with spray paint, it's worth seeing!

Is there a particular path in the implementation of your creations? Or a certain logic?

No, I really let people interpret what I do, the art is hearing people talk about it.

What about the bike you had to put down at the Elysée?! (Since Brigitte Macron liked your art)

I think that Brigitte Macron no longer has much time to pursue her passion for art, perhaps in the near future ;)

Do you have other projects related to your activity?

I had a few exhibitions but now I'm going back to hide in my workshop ;)

The Kultissime interview:

Your Kulte object?

Old school BMX from the 80s is my childhood, my Proust madeleine.

Your Kulte film?

Casino, for De Niro and his suits.

Your Kulte music?

Booba's first album. Because its word and thought puzzles.

Your Kulte car?

BMW e30 with yellow headlights. Because it goes sideways when you accelerate.

Your Kulte beach?

The big crossing at La Grande Motte, I love this architecture.

Your Kulte dish?

My grandmother's ratatouille ;)

Your Kulte singer?

Connan Mockasin, I like him, he's crazy.

Your Kulte clothing?

The briefs. It’s like this, if you want a woman to remember you, wear briefs!

Your Kulte tree?

I quote Brassens for the sake of it:

My friend the oak tree, my alter ego

We were from the same wood, a little rustic, a little raw

Of which we do anything except of course flutes

Your Kulte place?

My Cévennes, it’s beautiful, it’s raw and wild.

Your Kulte building?

I went to the Nantes courthouse last week, I found it magnificent. Big black, it's majestic. It's by Jean Nouvel.

Your Kulte gallery?

I'm not going to the gallery, sorry. I'm waiting for them to call me ;)

Your Kulte color?

The pink. It’s an 80s rider color.

Your most Kulte BMX rider? 

Dave Mirra, the legend... died too soon.

Given your career and your creations, in your opinion, what does it take for an object to become Cult?

Let them be controversial. That he doesn't fit into the norm.

Photo credit Dounia Ham ©