Last time, there were 100. You waited in line for a week, in your sleeping bag, eating cold shells and cans of tuna. Lack of food, there were already 100 guys in front of you...Since you lost weight, you watch Jean-Luc Reichman on Saturdays and you listen to Samwell on repeat. Pull yourself together! We're launching our new collection of t-shirts with our Kulte friends on Thursday October 18. Three models, on sale in all Kulte stores. 100% cotton, they were developed by a team of Swedish researchers so that you can make your shopping, shopping in the evening, sleeping, winning the French championship of miss wet t-shirt. On the other hand, it does not respect the ozone layer at all, and does not fight impotence.

To discover the models, we offer you an aperitif with friends from Green Room Sessions, in the Kulte boutique in Bastille, on Thursday October 18 from 7 p.m. Laughs, jokes and other puns will be on the program. But also an exhibition of posters that you can buy to please the person who made them.

At 10:03 p.m., everyone will go and wet their new t-shirts at the brand new Panic Room. We will play records there with the Kulte Soundsystem.

If due to bad luck, that evening you have a pet flame competition, or a meeting of the Amicale Française de la Gougoune, you can always go later to one of the Kulte boutiques or to their website. (But not the next day, because we'll be at La Machine du Moulin Rouge with Zimmer and Miguel Campbell).


the record player

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