In the era of everything digital, everything controllable and everything predictable, the Mini Lab Pinhole opens new creative perspectives for our imagination. Not only does it allow you to relive all the magic and poetry of the early days of photography. But it also gives everyone the means to make a technical process an art in its own right. Stenoflex for Kulte is presented to you to share rare moments, original emotions. A unique experience, both scientific and artistic, which will undoubtedly open you up to new territories and forms of creative expression.

The Mini Lab Pinhole is a portable darkroom, pierced with a hole, in which photographic paper is placed which is exposed in front of a subject, an object or a landscape.

Each mini lab pinhole camera comes with a bag of 10 sheets of sensitive paper, a bag of powder developer, a bag of powder fixative, a sheet of inactinic film, for working in the dark and a instructions for use.

— Public price: 39E

Steno Kulte