KIKI [Bpitch Control]

CLICK BOX live [Items & Things]

REWORK live [Playhouse]

REMAIN [Meant]

September 21 will be an evening of celebration for French label MEANT Records REMAIN, as it celebrates the arrival of REWORK's new "Werewolf EP", which will be released on vinyl on September 10 and digitally on September 24 with remixes of MAGDA or even REMAIN itself. This special night will be an opportunity to rediscover the work of REWORK through their new live performance, ever more powerful, dynamic and hypnotic, an improved version of the one that caused so much havoc at the Showcase during their last appearance at the beginning of the year. . The second live of the evening is that of the Brazilian duo Click Box, who are also making an exceptional return: releases on the labels Minus by Richie Hawtin and Items&Things by Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce!!!! Their EP "Down Over" (Items & Things) will be released on September 21, the same evening as the event, suggesting the best! Kiki, an active member for more than 10 years of Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label, will also set the Showcase dance floor on fire with his vigorous and catchy tech-house that characterizes him so well! And finally, still as prolific following the release of his last two EPs on Clouded Vision and Relish, REMAIN our host of the evening, continues to release quality projects and releases with upcoming among others a remix for REWORK on MEANT and an EP in collaboration with ElectricRescue on IDEAL AUDIO, Oliver Huntemann's label. It will be followed by another EP in October on ThroneOfBlood, Rapture's label!

MEANT - Get explicit.