Kulte invites the photographer Lyes Kachaou, for an exhibition in full jetlag*, on Friday February 8 in his boutique in Aix-en-Provence, at 32 Cours Mirabeau.

Meet from 7 p.m. around a little aperitif, time to discover the travel diary of this artist with a keen eye in his journey to the four corners of the United States.

USA: Dream and Disillusion

"Let me tell you the story of 4 French people who set out to encounter a myth: the desert of the American West.

The “road trip” in its highest sense in our European minds lulled by the fantasy of absolute freedom. They wanted to go behind the mirror.

Understand the cultural hegemony of Great America by stripping it of all its superficiality. The scents of self-abandonment, the same ones that Thelma and Louise succumbed to, will have accompanied them throughout the journey. In this vast and timeless desert, they experienced the temporary amnesia of a journey that cannot be unlike any other.

From the sierras of New Mexico, lands bathed by the unreal light of California, passing through the jewels of red earth of Utah, to the immaculate whiteness of the salt deserts where earth and sky merge. They followed the traces left by time, without ever being able to measure it. Always stunned but never down, they came back, with beautiful ideas and too few words to talk about them. Before time does its murderous work on these four little atoms of the great Universe, and on their memories, I leave behind me these few images, captured in all humility, as a tribute..."

Text: Julien Pelletier

* from Friday February 8 to Tuesday April 30

Boutique Kulte Aix

32, Cours Mirabeau

13100 Aix-en-Provence