Turkish christmas party

As surprising as it may seem, this year, Christmas falls on Tuesday, December 14 for Parisians! Don't worry, the 15th won't be a public holiday but we still suggest you come and celebrate in Turkish style in the brand new configuration of the small social club. On Tuesday, December 14, it is the Kulte Turkish Xmas party (free, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.) which will honor a long-time Istanbul friend recognized for the quality of his selections: Mini Bashekim, owner of the very renowned minimuzikhol club in Istanbul, and instigator of the ambitious Eurasia project with his sidekick Baris K. Also in the line up for this Christmas evening which promises to be rich in emotions, the Parisian blogger Rob Alves (mylifeisacid.com) and the essential Marseille vodkaologist Relatif Yann (Non e possibile/La dame Noir).