“PILOT” a Kulte exhibition

Kulte Lyon welcomes photographer Jerome Poulalier aka J. for an exhibition on the theme of motor sport.
Opening Friday October 18 from 7 p.m. in the presence of the artist.
Aperitif by: Jamesons
“PILOTE” a Kulte exhibition from October 18 to December 30.
For the little story..
Playful, mischievous in his approach to urban images, but attentive to the details that give meaning and soul, his taste for discovering new places that are always more surprising, more captivating, more astonishing is insatiable!... like his thirst for better , more authentic, more true, to allow everyone to approach, to know better, quite simply to discover the magic transcribed.
Thus, from the bustling streets of the superb and cosmopolitan San Francisco to the tiny ghost town of Romania, from the excess of Asian cities, such as Shanghai, to the offbeat footprint of the underground places of the fascinating city of London, Jérôme takes you with him in the street, the streets crossed, felt, breathed and photographed. With his images, it is the anonymous people he encountered and the urban atmospheres rich in contrasts that he immortalized that he offers as a journey!… Fasten your seat belts and welcome to the world of Jérôme Poulalier, for an enigmatic ballad , confusing and captivating!
text credit: Muriel Gutierrez
Kulte Lyon
16, rue Paul Chenavard
69001 Lyon