The HoHoHo Party

HoHoHo...For this end of 2013 and this 12th event, we wanted to do things in a big way! We invited: SANTA CLAUS, Santa Claus, St Nicolas, himself……
Except that no luck on Friday he has Judo. So we had to fall back on Mother Christmas and her sister who are super hot. They bring back with them a package of gifts. So this Friday, December 13, come take your Dirty photo (#kultexmas) with these funny ladies and leave with a great present. Any purchase made in store that evening, even the smallest, will allow you to open one of the 25 boxes of our KULTE advent calendar.
To be won: - men's or women's leather jacket (value €300) - parka (Value €250) - shirts (Value €100) - sweaters - t-shirts - bags - discount vouchers - sunglasses and more... Aperitif Xmas by Jameson
Kulte Sound System to music