Fall Winter 2014

“Baby Bust” or “Digital Native”
Why always want to pit generations against each other?
Beyond age, it is now the generation that is authentic!!! Generation
The “Digital Natives”, unconventional and wishing to impose themselves with their boundless creativity, have been immersed since their birth in a constantly evolving electronic subculture. Formerly neglected and little listened to, these young people today defend their interests with fervor. For almost 15 years, our society has too often pitted these two generations against each other; KULTE decides to bring them together around the same collection: Generation K (1960-2014), or KULTE generation, which is at the same time the one who created our brand, the one who inspires us, but above all the one who wears our products...
Who talked about generational shock?
Avant-garde and refractory, you just have to watch out, Generation K is on the move!