R2 rooftop meeting

GET READY!!! Chefs, good wines, small dishes, succulent pastries, creative cocktails, live music and sought-after DJs and a little KULTE… Modern Banquet , the new R2 rooftop meeting by the founders of Mix en Mouth.
SAVE YOUR DATE: Thursday May 7:
CAR live (kill the dj)
LAU PASTOR (astrolabrecordings)
FKCLUB (Mix in the mouth/relish/astrolabrecordings)
Emmanuel Perrodin / the relay 50 / Sweets handyman / The refectory
Presales on Digitick 11 euros (rental costs extra)
15 euros on site
On site small dish 8 euros, glass of wine 4 euros, cocktail 8 euros
Banquet Moderne will take place every Thursday from May to October, what could be better than meeting up every Thursday on the rooftop of the R2 I Rooftop I Refectory with good sound, the setting sun and good food: -)