Kulte Party

// In LA MUSICALE, this Friday July 17, all KULTE, with CAFE KULTE and its collective KULTE SOUND SYSTEM & BLOW UP, invite us to go back in time on Le Rooftop R2 Marseille.
“TIME MACHINE” is a return to the visual sources of the brand, with the exceptional work of graphic designers THOMAS CANTONI and YAK DA HOUSE both behind the success of this KULTE project born 17 years ago. Since then …. Visual and audio collaborations with artists, stylists, graphic designers, musicians of all kinds, all supported by lifelong Kultian friends, Jeanne Morel, Mothi Limbu, Guillaume Varo, Nicolas Grasset, Alfred Duret...and so many others!
// Programming side
LOFTI aka The B Side, multi-faceted DJ Whether it's soul, funk, afro, bossa nova, latin groove, disco, rockabilly, northern soul, house & deep house, pop and of course jazz, his eclecticism allows him to do the big gap. Its one and only guideline is groove!!!
Did & Paul VIRGO (Virgo Music)
// On the Food side, the #LeRefectoire will offer us its "Ici Marseille" tray filled with local specialties and to combat a strong "canikulte", Coffee, Café Frappé and artisanal ice creams will be on the menu at Cafe Kulte...to refresh you!
TIME MACHINE...The time of a summer evening, it's a dive into the heart of the brand's universe...a leap into its past, reflection of a story that has become cult!
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