On the occasion of the official selection at the Cannes festival of the already cult film The Nice Guys , Kulte offers to bring you (a little) closer to the actors Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe on April 28 at Rive Droite Marseille , by immersing yourself in the cool retro universe of their wacky LA detectives story. Beyond a quality musical atmosphere and a Cocktail Bar provided by the Absolut teams, we also offer you the chance to win your movie tickets as well as, for the lucky ones, the Kulte x The collector's T-Shirt Nice Guys: I'M NOT SUCH A NICE GUY!

To win your pack of 1 tshirt + 2 movie tickets (for your Ryan fan friend), nothing could be simpler: take part in our FaceBook event, promote this event and leave a comment telling us your size for the t-shirt. A draw will be held on May 3 which will reward the 10 winners of this game! (Remember to double your chances by relaying this message on Twitter @kulte and Instagram @kulte1998)

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ABSOLUTE (but be careful with alcohol abuse all the same;)

Here is the FB event