The French trio is a very closed club but is more reminiscent of MuddClub than Studio 54. Because it is clearly on the New York underground in its golden age (late 70's early 80's) that Hifiklub has set its sights. Liquid funk, abrasive post punk, unstable noise, jazzy sounds, Hifiklub's music is a sticky and totally uninhibited urban melting pot. Constantly in turmoil, the group knows how to surround itself with valuable collaborators: Lee Ranaldo (SonicYouth), Andrew WK, Earl Slick (Bowie's guitarist), James Chance and KptMichigan.


* Free download of HIFIKLUB's latest EP: “BIRD HOUSE”


* Video Clip EP made by Arnaud Maguet

bird house

let's win

blue skies


* Jad FAIR exhibition from June 2 to July 29 at the DOJO Gallery.

Arriving from Texas where he lives with his wife Patty, his two horses Pepper and Wunjo and his three dogs, Sunshine, Cowboy and Jiffy Pop, Jad Fair is presenting his first personal exhibition in France in around fifteen years.

The Beatles fighting a giant alongside Superman, monsters in hello kitty t-shirts, skeletons, fish or hearts... In art as in music Jad Fair handles simple and banal forms, with an apparent naivety. Influenced by the Mexican cut-outs that he regularly encounters as well as those of his brother David, his compositions are accumulations of light and grating scenes, which despite a false air of clumsiness skillfully handle irony and humor.