Wild Encounter

Wild Encounter!

A few months ago we introduced you to the young French artist THIS IS CLEMENCE . To mark the release of her music video Bad Attitude, the indie pop singer takes us to New York and makes us sing her single in karaoke!

Meet Sauvage behind the scenes in New York during the filming...

Why did you choose New York for your music video?
I didn't really choose to go there for the Bad Attitude video. To go with this song which says that you shouldn't worry and that you have to stay true to yourself, I wanted to make the most spontaneous and natural clip possible. So since I was in New York this summer, we shot the video there without really asking any questions!

What are your Kulte spots, then?
When I go to New York, I always stay in the Bronx. There are quite a few stolen plans out there. And most of the clip takes place at the Coney Island funfair in Brooklyn.

Why Coney Island?
We didn't want to fall into the cliché of Brooklyn's hipster-cool-industrial zone vibe, so we decided to go to kitsch heaven... and it was great. The level of kitsch in the aesthetic there reaches surrealism. Another form of Wild Experience!

A moment or a filming anecdote to share with us?
I'm not supposed to say it, but half of the footage in the video was shot unexpectedly, the day after the party, just because we saw a car we liked on the street on the way back to the Bronx. .. Total anarchy.

Watch this and sing!