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This time we meet again for a new interview, and Anthony DETTORI is in the spotlight. A graphic designer by trade, he brought his creativity to bear in the collaborative process of developing the Forever Young Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and he's got things for you.

Hi Anthony, We are delighted that you can answer some of our questions, before going any further, can you briefly tell us about your business?

I have been a graphic designer / Illustrator since 2006. I have worked a lot for large action sports companies (Volcom, Levi's skate, Dvs, Lakai etc.) before setting up my own business.

Is there a movement or artistic movement that guides you in your work?

I am a big fan of GIGS POSTER. These are posters specially designed by artists / illustrators for concerts, it's something that inspires me a lot in my work.

Can you name a few brands you have collaborated with?

Deus Ex Machina / Dickies / Levi's / Volcom / 5boro / Lakai / Step Art

And how would you describe your graphic style?

It's always difficult to describe his style... I would say a good mix of skate culture spread with outsider art!

Do you have one or more inspiring visuals in your opinion to share with our readers?

The work of illustrator OLLY MOSS, simply magnificent and inspiring!

You are one of the brains behind the Forever Young collection. If you had to highlight one of the patterns you created for the occasion, what would it be?

I like the DOGS which reflects the spirit of the brand, representing a pot of wax, the Californian 80's side, a real cult object. And the KARING which is a diversion from Keith HARING, a leading artist of street culture!

And what was your artistic approach to achieve this result?

A lot of photo research, go find the right visual in vintage books and visit a few second-hand stores to find that rare gem!

Finally, to conclude, a quick Chinese portrait in Kulte style,

Is there a Kulte object?

A skateboard

Your Kulte film?

Star Wars

Your Kulte song?

War pigs by Black Sabbath

A good Kulte plan to share?

If you're passing through Marseille, go have a drink and eat some Kemias at the Café de L'abbaye! Ask Greg and let yourself be guided!

Any Kulte advice?

Work hard / Stay humble

This year is our 20th anniversary, where do you see Kulte in 2038?

Sun a billboard about the next human colony on Mars.

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