Easter is Kulte

Because Epicureanism has always been at the heart of our brand's identity, we wanted to highlight this week as part of this great Easter weekend a portrait of the emeritus chef Pierre Augé.

Passionate about gastronomy and sharing culinary sciences since a very young age, Pierre Augé revealed himself to the general public in 2010 following his participation in the show Top Chef on M6, he then won the 2014 edition against the very renowned chef Jean Imbert, and has remained completely undefeated since this “clash of champions” event.

The Chef from Bitterois, owner of the restaurant “La maison de Petit Pierre, has agreed to answer our Kultissimes questions as part of this new Kultorama to make your mouth water before a busy weekend of cocoa.

I saw that you wanted to become a rugby player when you started? Why did you go back to the kitchen?

I really like rugby but that's it, I never really wanted to make a career in it. You have to make choices in life, my parents, my grandparents have been in the kitchen for a long time, and what What attracted me to this profession is the group spirit, the exchange with people, communication, and sharing.

Who is the person who inspired you the most, Kul(t)inarily speaking?

It would be stupid to say that only one person inspired me and that would be especially false, so I would say, all the chefs I have worked with, all the people who give a little bit of themselves, my inspiration is a All.

Does Food Culture play a significant role in your life?

She takes more and more of it, because food has become a fashion whereas before, it was a necessity, a need,  eating well is important but not only that, we eat so much nonsense today that we have to give it more importance and pay attention to what we eat. 

What does it feel like to win against a chef like Jean Imbert?

Regardless of the person in front of me, as it may have been during the Clash of the Champions, I fight above all, against myself and not against others, I try to surpass myself, to move forward, always in having respect for everyone.

Tell us a little about your restaurant “La maison de Pierre Petit” in Béziers!

My restaurant represents for me above all conviviality, exchange, and sharing, we really try to do well, to have cohesion, we don't have a map for example, this one is really done by listening to the customer, we always try to discover new things. 

The Kultissime interview: 

Your Kulte film?
The great restaurant with Louis de Funès! he is so funny and Louis de Funès is extraordinary in his role.

Your Kulte place?
My restaurant (obviously)

Your Kulte landscape?
I like everything, we really like to travel with my wife and my children, I don't really have a Kulte landscape.

Your Kulte rugby team?
Béziers, but also Toulouse because I have a lot of friends who play there!

Your Kulte show?
As surprising as it may seem, I don't really watch TV!

Your Kulte restaurant?
So as not to make anyone jealous, all my colleagues' restaurants!

Your Kulte dish?
There's too much ! But I would say the deviled eggs, if I had to choose.

Your Kulte cheatmeal?
Buttered pasta is my guilty pleasure.

Your Kulte spice?
The kurry.

Your Kulte vegetable?
Potato !

Why wear the famous and very famous Kulte apron?
Because it is beautiful and pleasant to wear, and I feel good in it! 

Happy Easter to everyone!