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International Extreme Sports Festival

It is the most important and above all the most unmissable global event in the world of riding and extreme sports which has been taking place for more than 20 years in the city of Montpellier.
We find all the professionals of this world around BMX, Roller, Scooter, Skate and Wakeboard contests.

Like every year, this long weekend in Fise from May 29 to June 9 was full of emotions and the most spectacular figures.

And we were lucky for this edition to be partners with certain riders and speakers on site!

(above Corentin Martin and Simon Uguen official speakers of Fise on RMC Sport)

On this occasion we devoted a short interview to one of our riders: Jean Bulhon, who participated as a pro flatrider during this 23rd edition.

But what is flat?

This very precise and technical discipline anchored in the world of BMX since the beginning of the 80s consists of performing a sequence of complex figures only on flat ground.

This branch of the world of BMX is quite particular since it can very clearly be compared to breakdancing or hip-hop dancing, due to the way in which the riders who practice this discipline evolve.

The uniqueness of flat and what differentiates it from other disciplines is its ability to be both a form of art as well as a sport.

The interview with Jean Bulhon

When did you start flat racing?

I bought my first BMX in 1999 after seeing a demo on the street, I really started riding flat 2 years later.

Why did you choose this discipline?

I tried the park but I quickly broke my arm so I headed towards the safest (and most difficult) discipline and above all the one that I found the most beautiful to watch.

Have you already tried other disciplines?

Yes as I said I tried a bit of park. There was one in Balard in the neighborhood where I lived in Paris but I quickly stopped haha! I'm not super comfortable in the air.

How long have you been participating in FISE as a pro rider?

My first FISE was in 2002 as a spectator, I was a kid and I found it crazy, I had autographs signed by guys with whom I ride in contests today. My first competition at FISE must have been in 2011 I think and since then I have been there every year.

What is your best memory of FISE?

There are so many. My first qualification for the FISE finals, my first meeting with the public, which is the most incredible in the world, and many other more interesting things that I could tell you over a beer ahaha.

Why did you choose Kulte as your sponsor?

I was asked to meet KULTE to discuss what could be done together. After just a few minutes I understood that we were on the same wavelength and that we could do good work together. In addition the saps are changed!!

How would you describe the atmosphere at FISE?

The atmosphere is indescribable, you have to be there to realize it. It's a mix of roller coaster, extreme trekking, and helfest, with a bit of extreme sports thrown in.

What do you think of the French flat scene?

It's one of the best in the world. It is recognized as an original and very technical scene. There are a lot of very strong riders with their own style. In addition, we have a new generation coming up that I'm not worried about at all. France still has good years ahead of it.

We saw that you were doing flat BMX shows around the world. Can you tell us a little more about how it happens? Which show was the craziest?

Yes I do a lot because that’s how I earn my living. It's simple, they contact me and they offer me the project, if it's OK I go there and I do my shows wherever it is.

My craziest show I would say was in Kazakstan 2 years ago for the ambassador's evening on July 14. Private party, it was really crazy!


Who is your BMX Kulte rider?

He's not a flat rider but I would say Dennis Enarson.

Your Kulte contest?

Without hesitation the FISE of Montpellier!!!

Your Kulte film?

The goonies.

Your Kulte dish?


Your Kulte object?

My iPhone.

Your Kulte ride Youtube video?


Photo credit: Dounia Ham


To grab Jean Bulhon's cap, it's through here !