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For more than 20 years, Kulte has always put creativity at the center of its thinking. Combining graphics and strong, thought-provoking messages is our mission.

We like to stand out and raise awareness.

This capsule collection was born from a beautiful encounter, an artist who moves us, enthuses us and elevates us.

Says Sunra:

“The desire to cover city walls was born with the emergence of the Arab Spring in 2011. I found in this possible renaissance the starting point for the desire to express myself artistically. The symbolism of the heart, universal, naive, poetic, which we find throughout my visuals, contrasts with a world rich in complexities in which we live. My idea is to create positive, humanist art of broad public utility. My creations challenge the viewer and, due to their human scale, create a proximity with them. The use of the stencil with a minimalist color palette, usually black and white, allows me to express a story that is juxtaposed with the bright red of the heart, like a Japanese print. I like to draw inspiration from artists such as BANKSY, a pioneer in the world of Street art, BASQUIAT and his colorful, naive and very expressive world or even PICASSO and the modernism of his line. I also attach great importance to music and I like to find essence in Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Oum Kalthoum or poetry with Khalil GIBRAN.”

Find the articles by clicking here: Sunra x Kulte