This end-of-year collab which marks the 50th anniversary of this legendary car and the 25th anniversary of our brand gives us the opportunity to look back on the history of this cult little car ;-)
Its friendly “face” and the two large doors without visible handles are due to the brilliant pencil stroke of Michel Boué!
Versatile, fun and comfortable everywhere, the little Renault 5 launched in 1972 will appeal, over a little over a decade, to more than 5 million people around the world!
A figure that makes you dizzy and which largely explains why the Renault 5 is part of the automobile heritage!

For our part and more modestly ;-) we have limited the production of this special series of T-Shirts and Sweat-Shirts to 100 copies per model. And not one more!
But as everyone knows: what is rare is Kulte!

The Renault 5 has always had something special and the numerous finishes and series produced by the manufacturer are another characteristic of the little French car.

Sun, Campus, Parisienne, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Moritz, College, Coach, Avenue, Turbo, ... Or even Exclusive and Winner, the Renault 5 has had several lives... And here, at Kulte,... We love it!

Give me 5! ;-)
Did you know ?

Our little French girl was exported to the States and Canada between 1976 and 1984. Called “Le Car”, our Frenchy's American adventure was immortalized by an appearance in the series “l'agence tout risk”! So Kulte!

At Kulte, we are, as you know, concerned about the environment and although we have a preference for Vintage, how can we not talk about the new electric R5 whose design particularly appealed to us!

Reinventing ourselves while keeping one foot in Nostalgia is an approach that speaks to us and is an integral part of our brand DNA.

For the record, EDF and Renault, as early as 1971, had studied an electric version of the Renault 5 which displayed incredible performance for the time with 110km of autonomy and a top speed of 80km/h.
Also in the States, the US Electricar Corp. once offered an electrified version of the Le Car, called “Lectric Leopard”. Around 400 examples were thus modified and equipped with an electric motor and lead-acid batteries.
The little one has always been one step ahead!

We wish good luck to this new version of the Renault 5 which will be produced in Douai in Haut de France and marketed in 2024!

We at Kulte can't wait to see her in real life... Can't you?