When a legendary brand meets a Kulte brand, it results in a colorful collaboration!

Everyone over 30 has had a Kodak camera in their hands one day and remembers the brand's famous ads and slogans.

And at Kulte, we are no exception to the rule!

It must be said that France has a special link with the American brand. In the 80s, Jean-Paul Goude signed an offbeat advertising saga for Kodak film and gave birth to the Kodakettes. “Three little androgynous pests in striped swimsuits, wearing a funny hat”, in the words of Goude himself. The “Thieves of Colors” spot directed by

Jean-Baptiste Mondino remains one of the cult advertisements on our small screens.

This essential brand inspired us to create a capsule collection with a vintage, colorful and relaxed aesthetic. T-shirts, hoodies and caps feature the iconic Kodak logos and are adorned with patterns inspired by the films of yesteryear.

And at Kulte, we know yellowed film, Vintage colors and light!

Three good reasons to create an original and festive range featuring the Kodak universe. Film, camera, camera are presented in a playful way and use typographies and graphic codes with a resolutely Vintage look.

One foot in nostalgia, the other in trend, Kulte and Kodak are essential brands that have continued to reinvent themselves in a positive dynamic to bring as much color as possible into your life!

More than 130 years after its creation, Kodak continues to embody the American way of life for many generations and remains an iconic brand in the history of photography. Its name remains associated with the values ​​of quality, accessibility and innovation.

Did you know ?

In 1969, Kodak produced the camera used by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission which was used on the surface of the moon. The first ever photo of Earth taken from deep space was captured by Lunar Orbiter I using Kodak equipment. So cult, right?!

Although the challenges linked to the transition to digital photography and the arrival of smartphones have for a time disrupted the life of the company, Kodak is today helping to support the renewed interest in film photography driven by a new generation of photographers and a community of nostalgics.

The resistance of film can certainly be explained in the same way as the survival of vinyl. Among young people, the desire to return to physical objects is important and, among older people, nostalgia for the 70s and 80s is very present in fashion, decoration and creation in general.

Trend, search for a vintage aesthetic and positive nostalgia,... This is, among other things, what unites our two brands.

Flash over to the Kodak X Kulte collection now and trigger your favorites!