About ten years ago Maximinot and Miniminot met on boards in Aix en Provence, but by abandoning their boards to let themselves be caught up in the influences of Berlin techno during Miss 8ties' "Berliner" evenings at Spart they decide to target others.The kids then leave the fast & dark universe of their first love (Techno) for the heat, obsession and restraint of Nudisco which will henceforth impose their name and that of their blog: NUMINOTS .

Since then, they have organized and played between Paris, Aix en Provence and Marseille in places close to their new religion La Dame Noir, La Machine, Minimuzikhol, Le social Club with their soul brothers Non è Possibilé, Disco Outcasts and Virgo Music.

PODCAST Kulte Sound Systeme #04 Numinots