Friday December 14

“The Brotherhood is dead, long live the Brotherhood.”

For this first LA GRANDE NUIT, La Confrérie and Touche Française take over Le Privé for a party until dawn. The concept of La Grande Nuit: once a month, La Confrérie and Touche Française will join forces to invite a new artist, with undeniable talent and exciting news.

This first edition will therefore welcome the incredible YUKSEK for its first visit to the city of the Popes.

In 2009, his first album "Away From The Sea" embodied the revival of the French electronic scene alongside his friends Brodinski, Breakbot and Birdy Nam Nam (whose album Manual for successful rioting he produced, Victoire de la Musique electronics 2010). Instantly, “Tonight” became the iconic hit of the high-speed generation. Phoenix, Gossip, Gorillaz, Whites Lies and even Lady Gaga commission remixes from him. But Yuksek is already elsewhere. In 2009 and 2010, he toured around the world and 2011 saw the release of his second album "Living On The Edge Of Time".

Acclaimed by the French and international press, we find the hits “Always On The Run”, “On A Train” and “Off The Wall”. On December 14th he will do us the honor of coming to play at Privé with a DJ set, something he appreciates above all else. At his side, the excellent Midnight Club who have, many times already, proven themselves and Monsieur Jak, colt from Touche Française, for a set which will not leave you unscathed.

We admit that KULTE couldn't miss this!!! So get ready for a night like no other.

YUKSEK (Sound Of Barclay / Reims) - DJ SET

MONSIEUR JAK (French Touch / Montpellier)



Le Privé, route de Tavel, 30133 Les Angles.