Every year we organize our little trip to one of our favorite countries: Greece. Certainly in the grip of a violent crisis, this country and its people remain no less creative, eager to get out of it, and this is what our great and talented friend OLGA Kouklaki proves to us once again!

Iconic voice of the title Budapest, a disco-punk classic from the group Poni Hoax, in 2005, she mixed at the Mezzanine of the Alcazar or at Pulp, playing keyboards for Nouvelle Vague and Bang Bang. Marc Collin, producer of Nouvelle Vague, who recognized the extent of his talent, then played the pygmalion. With his help, Olga finally spreads her musical wings by composing “Getalife”, her first album. The eponymous extract will be remixed by Black Strobe (Arnaud Rebotini) and Volga Select on a maxi released in 2007 on the label The Perfect Kiss (Pias). The final album was released in 2008 on the same label.

Proclaimed “pythia of an electro as incantatory as it is languorous” by the Inrocks, on a “dark electro pop in the wake of Jennifer Cardini or Chloé”, she seduces and imposes a “grave and dark voice” behind which the press is surprised to discover “a little doll (the meaning of Kouklaki in Greek), both shy and laughing”.

Today Olga Kouklaki releases her second album: “IU Need” is a showcase for the increasingly assertive femininity of its creator, where her talents and influences are revealed.

“IU Need”, because it is full of it, arouses desire and makes Olga Kouklaki, the electro siren of the Mediterranean.

Listen exclusively here to “CRISE”