Through friendship and affinities, Narumi, Léo and Maik decided to start a group in 2009. Their music does not resemble anything that exists even if the ghosts of Talking Heads (Fear of Music), Young Marble Giant (Collossal Youth) or Cure (17 seconds) hover above their heads.

Their first maxi, '51 ways to leave your lover', released on the Danton label Eeprom Fondation, is the matrix of the sound that Tristesse Contemporaine would subsequently develop: minimal, airy, opiate, on the edge. Entrusted to Pilooski (Discodeine, Dirty Edits), the mixing of their eponymous debut album, published by Dirty, reveals the power of instant classics that capture the era to set it ablaze. Revealed by the stage, Tristesse Contemporaine will be on tour during 2012, and Kulte at their side.