Aurélien Arnaud is a young graphic designer based in Lyon. His work evolves around graphic research and experimentation, at the crossroads of applied arts, between illustrations, typography, collage and design. This hyperactive person, who notably carries out communications for the Flèche d'Or in Paris, also works as an illustrator for various magazines, teaches in Grenoble, and makes music after dark. In 2009, with Denis Carrier, he founded the PNTS graphic design studio between Grenoble and Lyon, born from a desire to offer coherent and appropriate graphic responses to the needs of the French market.

In a desire to interpret the spirit of the Kulte brand, this series seeks to illustrate different states of childhood. The graphic result thus represents moments of joy, calm, daydreams or boredom. Nostalgia when you hold us...The Catapult model reminds us of vacations synonymous with adventure, discovery or torture. The Delete print evokes a moment of inattention while the teacher's voice resonates in class, a sketch in the corner of a page, the mind wandering for a few moments. Chemistry represents mathematical rigor, the good student, or the school framework. As for the Banana, it brings the snack moment back to life, that unforgettable and comforting “four hours” once you get home (made from a photo of Morocco High School by Johnny Jupiter).