T-shirt The Internets All Stars by Kulte and Brain Magazine

In 1994 we were talking about “information superhighways”. In 1998, mom already called it "the Internet." But it was George Bush who, in 2000, named for eternity what is causing our productivity to fall further every day: the Internet, a global computer network containing absolutely everything that will never be of any use to us. Without him and his myriad of lolculture characters, fictional or real, Brain's Whore Page would just be a girl's blog. Glory to you heroes 0.0!

Brain Magazine, in collaboration with Kulte, has therefore decided to pay tribute to 31 Internet stars by immortalizing them for the first time in history together on the same t-shirt. Featuring Pedobear, the Naked Man from Redoute, Keyboard Cat, Keenan Cahill, Maru, Rick Astley, Techno Viking, Nyan Cat and 23 more of their friends lol.

Tshirt available now on the new BRAIN MAGAZINE online store:

The Internets All Stars