New Capsule Collection (LIMITED EDITION)


When we say Christian Lacroix, do you immediately think of baroque silhouettes, flamboyant fabrics and luxurious details galore, an unfiltered Marie-Antoinette atmosphere? You are completely there and it is to touch this colorful madness that we decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kulte by collaborating with CXL by Christian Lacroix. A desire as improbable as a featuring between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, but as welcome as a second star on a blue t-shirt. On the program: a limited edition collab where the colors of the historic fashion house are associated with the equally historic know-how of Kulte, through a series of t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women.

The idea of ​​this collaboration? Elevate the t-shirt to the rank of art (just that), as Christian Lacroix did with his fashion shows in the 80s. And because creating an exceptional sweatshirt or t-shirt is not just about upload a photo to a mystical website while waiting for it to happen, our teams went in search of THE manufacturer capable of bringing their wildest dreams to life.

The super top secret spinning workshop in Portugal.

Made in Portugal

This quest took us to the North of Portugal, where we found the pearl of the spinning workshops (nothing to do with an intelligence service, their passion is rather cotton thread but we will keep their name quiet anyway). After immediate love at first sight (which will lead to future adventures for the seasons to come. To be continued...), hours of adjustments, dozens of prototypes and repeated fittings, our teams and those of the atelier have managed to develop the holy grail: four t-shirts and two sweatshirts with impeccable cut and impeccable quality, based on a 100% cotton mesh printed in screen printing - that is to say color by color, like Warhol did it with his stencils and pop inks.