Kulte Sound System

I.BOAT & Kulte Soundsystem team up one Wednesday a month to party and groove on the dancefloor.
Mon Garage A Beats is a cutting-edge selection of local and guest DJs who will come and distill their eclectic selections on the deck and in the holds of the I.BOAT.
For this premiere we have the pleasure of inviting the collective SUPREMACY and LOU (Ultraviolence)
Any style of music is good to take, it is important to have an open vision. This is what Supremacy is trying to do.
Four artists from all walks of life have come together to bring you the most innovative sounds.
Nourished by hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, and influenced by many artists such as J Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Chef Beatmaker, Saneyes, Onra and many others, Supremacy does not hesitate to revisit the classics by mixing with different styles of music in order to bring them up to date. They have notably mixed with DJ Q45 (YMCMB label) and DJ SUPA (FALD)
• LOU (Ultraviolence)
The young members of the Ultraviolence duo chose to borrow their sweet name from the cult Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange at the end of 2008 when Lou Garcia and Kendal Mulla, barely 35 years old between them, met in Pau. They both share their inveterate taste for the soundtracks of science fiction films that marked their adolescence like Akira or Blade Runner... Passionate about electronic music, they quickly decide to put their culture to good use through cutting-edge DJ sets. and effective noticed in particular by Radio Nova which gave them the chance to take the Nuits Zébrées stage from October 2009. At ease both in clubs and on the stages of electro festivals their science extends from House to Techno but in the studio the two young producers explore much less familiar sounds. A sometimes dark and melancholy atmosphere directly tinged with their primary influence: the futuristic universe of the 80's.
Practical information :
11 p.m.-3 a.m.
Free admission !
Floating basin No. 1 Quai armand lalande
33300 Bordeaux