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Work of the artist Benjamin Donadieu Givetogod “La vie la pute” (Thug Life/Life is a Bitch) is the slogan which illustrates for optimists what life has been able to give them and which it will take back from them, for the pessimists are the obstacles it puts in their way. It's also like an old convict tattoo, the way to exorcise the difficulties of life or quite simply to say how much we love this female dog of life!!!
Discover the world of LA VIE LA PUTE today in exclusivity and limited series at Rive Droite Marseille

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Fascinated by drawing, he began tagging in the streets of Marseille at the end of the 1980s, before studying applied arts and fashion design at the Ecole Duperré and at the Beaux Arts in PARIS. This training then gives a more professional orientation to his graffiti practice. The year he spent in Indonesia was also an important source of inspiration, mixed with a nostalgic vision of the trips he made around the world.

Based in Paris since 1995, he projects in the trendy and underground evenings of Paris with artists like Ninja Thune or Les Too Many DJ's under the name "VJ Givetogod", graphics often treated in duotone.

Whether commissioned or personal practice, research plays a considerable role in his work. He is particularly interested in the links between image, drawing, typography and video. His creations merge to draw viewers into a hypnotizing torrent of information, as beautiful as it is radical.

He then works for eclectic clients coming from luxury or the underground bicycle and motorcycle world. Benjamin notably participates in the creation of the visual identity of Diesel perfumes, the CLUTCH garage and the 4H10 blog.

His work is present on the shelves of perfumeries around the world as well as in galleries .