Recently released confidentially on the Desire label, this raw gem ultimately resembles its author, Jérôme Caron, more than its two previous albums. After Time (2007, Project Recordings) and Erotis (2009, Lucien Entertainment), Jérôme, aka Blackjoy, created Joie Noire for his return to minimal, captivating and heady electro. Dream music, to daydream.

A motionless journey to the confines of a system once designed by the architects Can and Weather Report, and developed by Carl Craig and Plastikman. To name just a few... In the game of influences, Jérôme Caron also cites Indian music (Kup Kup), the soundtracks of sci-fi films and evokes the credits of the show "Droit de Reply" and all those, who, at early 80s, marked his childhood with their arpeggios.

black joy