The globetrotting mom

This time we decided to introduce you to our favorite book of the moment, by meeting the intrepid globetrotting mother and author Caroline KRAUZE who did us the honor of answering a few questions.

Voyage Family makes you want to pack your bags straight away, taking with you the essentials: your children! Caroline, where does this passion come from?

I have always carried within me this need to go on the road: Burma, Indonesia, Laos, Peru, Bolivia, etc. I've backpacked for miles! I thrive on the unknown, I'm never as good as when I discover a new country, or even a new region of France. All my senses are awakened, it gives me incredible pleasure!

When my children were 3 and 5 years old respectively, we went back to Sri Lanka together for the first time. I found the same sensations as when I traveled alone... except that I had shared such powerful moments with them that it was an additional reason to go again and again... but now always with my family :).

What are you trying to convey through your Voyage Family blog?

What we experience with our children when we step out of our comfort zone and confront the world as a family is magical. We live in a cocoon for the duration of an enchanted interlude, we are ecstatic about the same things. I don't know of another experience that creates this, and I wish it this way for every parent!

All my work therefore has only one goal: to encourage parents who do not dare to take the plunge, and to help those who already have a project to organize it in a kids-friendly way!

I have the impression that you spend your time creating new projects to achieve this goal. Can you tell us more?

The site is a mix between my own family travel stories and testimonials from other traveling parents. The common thread is family adventure, the desire to live life to the fullest and have fun.

Beyond the articles, I have actually created mini-guides by destination, downloadable for free from the site. Then there was the bi-monthly newsletter, as well as the partnership with specialist family travel agents who can organize turnkey trips for my readers. Recently there was the creation of Family Travel forum to answer parents who have additional questions regarding the content of the site. It works really well!

And then, brand new and beautiful, there is now a book which has just been published by Hachette…

Yes, always with the idea of ​​increasing the number of supports to inspire parents, I have just published the book “Traveling as a family: 50 dream destinations”. As its title indicates, I give ideas for destinations tested and approved by me or other family travelers. I also wanted to present portraits of families that I find inspiring and which make you want to remove all the brakes and leave immediately with your children. All with hundreds of authentic photos from real trips, and a practical guide by destination.

Have you seen Kulte's latest Forever Young collection and what did you think of it?

Of course ! I have been a Kulte woman since the beginning of the brand, and I am the wife of a husband who has only worn Kulte T-Shirts for 20 years (on weekends, but also during all our travels).

The latest collection is great, as always. But above all, in a world where collections have a lifespan equal to that of a butterfly, I love the idea of ​​​​an intergenerational brand that travels through time. Kulte accompanied us when we were big teenagers, and she has still been with us since we became parents. Because the reality is that we are the same, we just moved forward a little :).

So long live Kulte products... hoping that my book and Family Travel can have this same legendary destiny ;)

Book Traveling with family: 50 dream destinations for a family getaway
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