The Pendle Project


Fabien Pendle is a former pro windsurfer, a cheerful and spontaneous geo-finder who goes after his desires. For almost 10 years he supported KULTE in the design of more than 20 stores and the manufacturing of more than 100 custom furniture. This tall blond, who has always gone with the wind, is taking the plunge again today to present us with a much more personal project: the Pendle Project. His journalist friend Eric Foucher introduces us to his world.

Where does your curious pedigree come from?
I was born in England to an English father and a French-Italian mother.

Are you bilingual then?
Yes, but take turns! When my parents came to settle in the south of France, I was a child and I didn't speak a word of French. Forty years later, I speak English with a French accent.

Was your first big love affair with a windsurf?
I was so hooked that I decided to quit school to devote myself entirely to it

Did you earn a lot of money being a windsurfing champion?
Yes, but I was a hole in my pocket. I always threw everything away for myself and my friends.

Were you known on the circuit for not being the most serious?
It's true that I was not an ordinary athlete. We'll say. More than once it happened to me to pull all-nighters in the evenings and win races the next day.

What do you miss most from these years?

How do we go from windurfing to furniture design? !
By meeting the guys from Kulte (laughs)! They asked me to design the furniture for their first stores.

It suits your self-taught side perfectly
Yes, like the sails I designed, I have always loved doing things by myself and creating.

If we tell you that your new project is made of wood, it's ultimately a compliment!
Yes, especially since it is French wood treated with natural beeswax.
The furniture is 100% made in France, sir!

What are you going to do when you're rich and famous with this brand?
Buy a large house, Spanish inn style.

Thank you Fabien and for those who want to go further, you can support the PENDLE PROJECT today by participating here:


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