The roaring Irina

The Kulte brand has decided to introduce you to its partners and friends by going to meet them for interviews on the sly, not to mention in the wild! Alabama Duel is organizing a meeting this week with the roaring Irina Aupetit-Ionesco.

Finally a girl! After Adrien, Anatole and Mathieu... Kulte finally asked me to interview a young woman and not the least...
If I had to summarize her appearance, that of an eternal young girl, blonde, sparkling, passionate mane that goes from one style to another!
One day preppy, the day before rocker, the next day sexy as hell, perfect outfits in all circumstances, almost austere blouse whose delicate transparency reveals torrid Yasmine Eslami underwear. Irina is a musical encyclopedia in the body of Pin-up Bettie Page....

Irina, how did you come up with this eclecticism in music and fashion?

My father's music and my grandmother's fashion. My father and my grandmother were both very avant-garde, each in their chosen fields... When I was a child, my father also listened to Pierre Henry, Bowie, The Communards, Annie Lennox, Jean Claude Vannier, Dépêche Mode, Daho, Chopin or Satie... It helps...
Regarding fashion, my grandmother was crazy about it. She wore a lot of Charles de Castelbajac Jeans, by Jean Paul Gaultier. She had a lot of beautiful accessories. I have memories of vacations with my grandparents during which she changed toilets three times a day. I am very proud of her.

The new Kulte collection aims to promote a Wild style, the return to nature, and are you more low-tech or completely addicted to social networks?

I believe that one does not prevent the other! I'm not addicted to networks but I like it. On the other hand, when I'm in front of a fireplace under a blanket, surrounded by people I love, social networks no longer necessarily have their place. The new KULTE collection highlights comfort without excluding style, I really like it!!

The place where you like to take refuge, like your den?

With my family in Lyon where I was born, in my house in Tangier, and more recently in an apartment that I rent in Marseille from time to time with which I fell in love. These are really the places where (almost) nothing exists anymore.

If you had to go on a bivouac, what “superficial” thing would you need?

My iPod

The perfect garment in all circumstances?

The bathrobe... not necessarily silk from Charvet. A model that would mix with the Big Lebowski for hanging out, but with which I could go dancing, or get out of the pool, or put on sneakers or heels.

You lived in the south all last year, what are you doing in Paris now? (apart from the bike :)

I am an actor's agent. But as I am still insatiable, I continue to write in the press, notably in Playboy, and to play records.

Passion always passion!

Thank you Irina and see you soon in Marseille?

Yes ! My vision of Marseille has changed a lot since I lived there for Plus Belle La Vie. I love this ambivalence, and I really like its inhabitants, even if they made life difficult for me when I arrived.

ITW made by Alabama Duel

Instagram Irina: @irinaupetitionesco