The first collaboration in 20 years of Kulte

It is on the occasion of our 20th anniversary that we are launching a set of major collaborations which will feature legendary brands and products, revisited by us.

What could be better than an innovative brand anchored in French heritage for this first collab of the year: Duralex!
Duralex is this iconic brand of French design, which has been supporting us, young and old, for 73 years.

This time is far away, but yet so close.
That time when we read our ages at the bottom of the glass at the cantoche.
That time when those same glasses bounced on the floor without ever breaking.

Duralex is all that.

It's the memory of those happy moments.
It is the robustness of products from yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Duralex is cult and could only be associated with Kulte for its 20th anniversary.

On this occasion, we are releasing 100 Gigogne Kulte glasses and 100 limited numbered t-shirts (like the glasses ;)). A great opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with you, while celebrating the longevity of a legendary brand.

You can find the collab directly here

But actually, do you know why there is a number at the bottom of the glass?

These numbers engraved at the bottom of each glass correspond to the number of the machine that made the container. The figures do not exceed 48, because this is the number of machines manufacturing Duralex lenses...