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Thomas Riffaud is Kulte

Today it is to the Montpellier athlete Thomas Riffaud that we offer a platform in our


Thomas Riffaud is a top-flight athlete, certainly, but not like the others.
Indeed, this freestyle roller rider, and (incidentally) professor of sociology at the University of Montpellier, combines his two professions by exploiting urban environments in a particular way, and we are going to discover him through a short Interview Kultissime during a photographic walk in Montpellier.


When did you start freestyle skating?

I started like many children in front of my house, but it was in 2000 that a skatepark was built in my hometown, Avignon. I met a great team of friends there who showed me how much more fun life was with wheels under my feet.

Where did you get the desire to do this sport from?

I was hooked because you don't have to think of it as a sport in the classic sense of the term. Those who want to train and focus on the next competition can do so, but I always appreciated the fact of not having to experience it like that.

You are more Street or Park, why?

I've always done both, but I have a preference for the street. I never get bored there. I really like the idea of ​​interacting with what the city has to offer. You are constantly discovering and lots of adventures are always happening to you.

Have you ever participated in competitions? If so why ?

"I did a lot, but I moved on a bit today. It's complicated to make the list, but I rode the majority of French contests and I also went to the abroad (Berlin, Eindhoven, Liverpool, London, Geneva, etc.)"

Do you make your living with this sport or do you do something else on the side?

I earn a few hundred euros a year doing demonstrations and a few more competitions, but it's not skating that keeps me hungry. Currently, my real job is sociology. I teach courses at the university and I am involved in several research projects.

Do you think that some cities are more suitable than others for practicing street sports?

All cities can be driven. The architecture of some of them offers more possibilities, but when you really look you realize that there are spots everywhere.

What do you think of the decision that certain cities have taken today to make certain structures impassable via “anti-skate” systems?

My work in sociology addresses this question in particular. From my point of view, this reaction comes from the fact that the potential of these activities is underestimated. The authorities are often obsessed with noise pollution and the marks left on furniture when in truth French cities are dying from no longer accepting any form of disorder.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Kulte?

I have worn this brand since its creation. The team is friendly and has interesting projects. In this context this proposal could not be refused.

The Kulte interview

Your Kulte rider?

After 19 years on the wheels, you no longer idolize anyone. It's both sad and reassuring.

Your Kulte place?

My student apartment on rue Thérèse in Montpellier...

Your French town Kulte?

Impossible to choose.
I dream of a mix between Nantes, Bordeaux, Paris, and Marseille. Montpellier is clearly an option!

Your Kulte dish?

The parsley tart of the woman who makes me a happy man.

Your Kulte roller youtube video?

All the videos of Arcena's friends are worth watching.
I'm thinking in particular of WolfPack, but their latest production "SOMN" is also very cool.

Your Kulte trip?

Over time what I learned is that it's not the destination that counts, but it's the people you go with!

Your Kulte contest?

The ESA street contest (every year during FISE Montpellier)!

Your Kulte tricks?

My first stair rail perhaps…

Your Kulte object?

I'm not very materialistic...

Your Kulte film?

The stupid dinner always makes me laugh so much.

Photo credit: Dounia Ham ©