The kulte x Citroën collaboration has started!

It is with immense joy that we announce our first collaboration with the iconic car brand: Citroën.
Following the launch in 1919 by the very famous André Citroën, models will be released, each more emblematic than the last.
As a result and on the occasion of their 100th anniversary, Citroën chose us to create t-shirts bearing the image of the vintage Citroën Origins brand.
For this event, we created five visuals linked to what makes up the essence of the most characteristic vehicles, such as the Méhari, the Type H or even the 2 horses.

We are even more proud of this collection because it is made from organic cotton!
And as we wanted to do things in a big way for the release of this capsule collection, we teamed up with the Majestic boutique in Montpellier to organize a "Majestic x kulte" evening around the launch of this collection on July 4th within even from the store.

If we chose and decided to accept this collaboration, it is above all because the Citroën brand, and more particularly Citroën Origins, has very cult models of vehicles! We therefore wanted to play on these symbols to create a collection of t-shirts with unique designs.
You will therefore find in this collection several visuals such as:
French California
Surf Deuch
Type H
Kult kit
5 horses
To access the collection, go to:

 Photo credit: Dounia Ham