It's the story of a beautiful encounter one day at the bend of a country road in the south of France.
We met the custom design company Le Mographe and we immediately had an idea: to recreate with them a vintage racing motorcycle illustrating our sources of inspiration and our positive nostalgia for beautiful things.
​The 750 RKB Kulte Racer is a nod to the legendary Honda RCB from the early 1980s, victorious in the legendary 24-hour Le Mans endurance race.
© Damien Lorrai

Made by LeMotographe for the French brand Kulte, this machine refers to a cult era in the world of motorcycle competition.

Presented on different events and magazines like Moto Heroes and PetrolHead, we are now ready to let this unique creation fly towards new horizons

© Damien Lorrai

And yes, this beautiful frame is now for sale directly from our friends Le Mographe.

Collector's item and unique ;-)
Soon a capsule collection of this collaboration will be offered to you in limited edition.
-Main modifications
-Honda CB750 1998
- Reinforced and powder-coated frame
- Reconditioned intake
- Stainless steel exhaust line
- Removable stainless steel silencer
- Revisited 1000 RCB fairings
- Bitubo shock absorbers
- Prepared fork
- Lithium battery
- Revamped electrical harness
- Revised engine
- Rear controls & LSL handlebars
- Kellermann safety lighting
- Tires: Bridgeston S21R