When will I see you again Wonderful country...?
Let's start this box office with the famous song of the no less famous Jean-Claude Dusse, this clumsy bachelor who never stops wanting to "finish"!
Love setbacks which are at the heart of the “saga of the tanned” and which have made generations of French people laugh.
At Kulte we have no fear and we like to keep you warm with our fleeces, scarves and hats!

And since we're talking about rags, how can we not mention Anemone's undeniable knitting talents in the “Santa is trash!” »
This film, full of cult lines with caustic humor, will most certainly be on screen again in a few weeks for our greatest pleasure! Merry Christmas Felix!


In the team we have a big weakness for the humor of Dummies and for this crazy and schoolboy film, reflection of an era and a state of mind that was blowing on the encrypted channel Canal +! : “The City of Fear”.

Come on, a little joke from the film for fun and to stay on the theme of clothes ;-)
“Commissioner Bialès : Do you know the difference between a sweater and a mussel?
Odile Deray: No?
Commissioner Bialès: (hilarious) A sweater… it molds… and a mussel… it stinks to the ovary!
(still hilarious) ...well she's a little salty...but isn't she funny? »

Without transition, but always in the style of a group of friends who make each other and make us happy, we cannot resist the humor of strangers and their first film “ The 3 Brothers ”! And this cult scene in which Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan take little pills “Shhh there’s bambi going to sleep…!” »

French comedies also have duos and recurring characters that we love to see and see again.

This is the case with the duo Jean Reno / Christian Clavier who, “Operation Corned Beef” to “visitors” Passing by “The Corsican investigation” have entertained millions of French people in the cinema and on the small screen with their colorful characters!
And at Kulte, we love colors… Okaaaaaayyyyyy! ;-)

Or the duo Pierre Richard / Gérard Depardieu in " The goat " , " Freinds " And " The fugitives " directed by Francis Veber and which mark the birth of the essential and incredible character: François Pignon!

We could also cite and invite you to rewatch “The Truth if I lie”, “Our happy days”, “RRRrrrr”, “Bernie”, “Le Péril jeunesse”, “Rabbie Jacob”, les Ch'tits or the formidable revisit of Asterix & Obélix by the no less formidable Alain Chabat!

But we prefer to end this Kulte box office with a film from 1998 which is also the year of the creation of our brand.
And this film is just as cult as its character of François Pignon, played this time with unclassifiable naturalness by Jacques Villeret!
We are of course talking about the “Diner de cons” which is for us a monument of French humor!
Squeaky, irresistibly funny, Jacques Villeret embodies his character wonderfully. It’s simply exhilarating!

"- His name is Juste Leblanc.

– Oh well, he doesn’t have a first name?

– I just told you Just Leblanc… Your first name is François, is that right? Well, he's the same, it's right.