Since the origin of the brand, Kulte has been particularly involved in music. By supporting numerous DJs and artists, by associating with parties and concerts (Les Transmusicales de Rennes, Midi Festival, Ete d'Amour, etc.), and by even producing multiple events throughout the year.

This season once again the Kulte Soundsystem has put to music and printed on disc the spirit of this new fall-winter 2011 collection. The Kulte Music #12 compilation thus presents a well-polished and enticing selection of 10 titles from the repertoires of artists or labelsfriends. of the brand. You will discover among others an already classic remix of Sylvester by Joie Noire, the haunting 'Fate' by Copyshop, the tropical hit of Hypnolove, 'Holiday Reverie', or the 'freaky nights' of the English by Hiem remixed by Tim Paris… In short, a collection of sometimes danceable and often touching pieces that will keep your ears warm during the winter.