Put aside your automatisms, no longer look but imagine. Compartmented between our own limits and those of Others, belonging and getting rid of them are all paradoxes that define us.

From January 13, the Out exhibition immerses us in all our states, from black to white. LCMC is a couple of French artists who live and work in Lyon. Laurie Chareyre and Mathieu Courbier attempt to rehabilitate discredited elements, objects or spaces in sensitive installations. A work that revolves around different mediums and on various scales. Detailed miniatures, raw installations, sculpture, photography or even painting and sewing become accessories for the expression of nostalgia, a paradox or simply a desire to bring an artistic and personal vision to a banal situation. With the collaboration of Rémi DEVOUASSOUD in the production of a short film presented during the exhibition. He also signs the video teaser.

With the support of GROLSCH, KULTE and Le Mauvais Coton.