Kulte & Clikclk.fr present:

Belle Campagne: THTF & Alexandre Mendez at the Kulte Lyon boutique on November 11 from 6 p.m.

THTF // Pstolë and Supapouik!

These two young artists from street art (collage and graffiti) met in 2008 around a school desk where they began to draw together. After several common delusions in illustration and a few painting sessions, they decided to collaborate together and then formed THTF collective in November 2009. Then began a work of illustration in black and white on large formats intended to be stuck in the streets of French cities and by the way. Large, smiling characters curious about the world into which they are released, geometric shapes, surreal elements, and the most tangled compositions little by little populate the walls which become their playground. This medium allows them to make their work known and thus to to access contemporary art venues, to participate in cultural events where they present more accomplished work of painting and sculpture (wood/paper volumes).

Alexandre Mendez/

We have a certain way of life" is the name of Alexandre Mendez's photographic work and sets the tone. Through this project started in 2010, he bears witness to a life, which is none other than his, and that of of those around him, through his point of view with a disposable camera. Both voyeur and exhibitionist, his work focuses on the perception of moments of life, specific to individuals, alone or in groups, of an era , of a generation, of a movement There is no staging other than that initiated by its subjects. It captures these moments, with all their complexity, the strength of the group, or of the individuals. And conveys the message to the disposable: instant and authentic.

For a beautiful countryside, they leave with the THTF for a collective immersion in the countryside. Alexandre was thus able to photograph the picturesque wanderings of the collective and share their creative intimacy.

Kulte Lyon:


Beautiful Countryside - Alexandre Mendez & Thtf