Sea Effect is Kulte

Summer is just around the corner, and our brand had to team up a second time with the coolest place in the Mediterranean aka L'Effet Mer.
This bar-restaurant / private beach is located in La Grande Motte on the "Plage du Grand Travers", not far from the city of Montpellier, and we are for a new year, partners of the place.

This year the inauguration will take place on Friday June 14, from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., and L'Effet mer will have the pleasure of welcoming DJ Ignace ana Showcola to host this opening evening!


When was the sea effect born? 

This year we will celebrate the 17th season of Sea Effect!

What is the history of this unusual coastal place?

L'Effet Mer was created in 2002 by the first manager Mr Perez. The place was designed as a continuation of the beach, in the form of a dune, with an exotic wood structure designed and designed by the great architect Immad Rahmouni.
Over the years and under different managers, the identity of L'Effet Mer has been strengthened and affirmed. The beach has seen the biggest artists and renowned DJs from David Guetta to Martin Solveig.
Its DNA makes the Sea Effect the beach where you relax during the day with your family but also THE place to be for festive evenings.

Why did you choose this name?

The name Effect Mer firstly comes, unsurprisingly, from a play on words with the word “ephemeral” which means that we are only present for part of the year, during the summer period.
The hut is therefore something temporary.
thus with the “sea”, the water, the beach, which gives us this vacation “effect”, hence the Sea Effect.
It also illustrates the fun side of the beach with this touch of humor, and highlights our maritime spirit as well as our attachment to the Mediterranean coast.

Where did you get the desire to create this place bringing together bar/beach/music/restaurant?

L'Effet Mer was born from a desire to create an exceptional space outside of time, a true setting of happiness for an unforgettable moment.
A relaxed and warm atmosphere is essential, the desire was to create a single universe where we find 3 complementary spaces: the beach, the bar and the restaurant.

What are your upcoming events for the summer?

This weekend the full summer season starts with our big inauguration party for summer 2019. We will also celebrate our 17th anniversary on Friday July 5 with the essential disco artist Cerrone. Our emblematic evening remains the famous “Kitsch” evening on Thursday evening where we have the pleasure of seeing more and more of you every year. Other evenings are also coming, stay tuned!

How can you describe the cuisine you prepare?

Unique beach, unique restaurant. Accomplished, rich and varied, the cuisine at Effect Mer is Mediterranean and uninhibited, with exotic flavors enhancing everything.
Focusing on regional products from this great culinary and wine breeding ground that is Languedoc, the Effect Mer restaurant takes you on a great taste journey for lunch and dinner, where all the senses will be delighted.

Where did the collaboration between your bar and the Kulte brand come from?

We met about two years ago and the feeling went straight away.
Sharing the same values ​​and being on the same wavelength very quickly made it possible to envisage a collaboration that works in the long term.

Why did you choose Kulte as your partner?

First of all because we share the same values, a “no-brainer” vision of life. We share the same taste for humor and diversion and we obviously appreciate Kulte creations, because it corresponds to our universe, our style.
We also have the same attachment to the maritime and summer spirit. The look we wanted to give to the staff fit perfectly with the brand, so it was obvious!

How are your collaborations with DJs set up?

Our artist director Stefan Manceau is in contact with large numbers of DJs every evening of the week with a musical and decorative theme which is adapted according to the skills of each Axel Fowley Tuesdays: theme: Age of Love (House); Wednesdays dj Getdown themes: Old School (R'n'b Hip hop) Thursdays Seb Olavie on kitsch, Fridays Charles J and Paul Cayrol theme: Rework (All the hits remixed and revisited) Saturdays Stefan Manceau: theme: Scandal (house + surprise) Sundays Julian SX theme: French

Do you have several different musical universes for the evenings?

Of course, each evening has its musical identity and its universe from Tuesday to Sunday.
On Tuesday evening, Effect Mer presents "Age of Love", an evening dedicated to the world of electronic music, in the broad sense. Every Wednesday with the “Old School”, Effect Mer boards his low rider and goes on a trip to the neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 90s with a hip-hop & r'n'b retrospective. Every Thursday, “Kitsch” takes over Effect Mer beach.
Head to the legendary 70s & 80s, its vinyls, its jukeboxes, its joie de vivre, its legendary artistic trends…
Friday is “Rework” where all the greatest titles are remixed and revisited…
On Saturday, head to Paris, capital of sexy, eroticism, aesthetics and the sulphurous.
L'Effet Mer invites you every Saturday evening for the "Scandal" evening.
Without forgetting our famous Sunday brunch in July & August, followed by a festive afternoon with "La French", the blue-white-red musical universe, with southern warmth and showcasing our most beautiful voices.

Can we say that L’Effet Mer is the most Kulte place on the Mediterranean coast? 

Of course !
An exception on the Languedoc coast, we try every year to entertain and bring happiness to everyone over the course of a summer.
Having become one of the most popular establishments on the Hérault coast over the last ten years, the enchantment is renewed every season...


The Kulte artist of the Sea Effect?

Seb Olavie / DJ Fou for the famous Kitsch evening, and DJ Getdown for the old-school.

The Kulte Sea Effect dish?

Our flagship dish this year which is the suggestion of the season: whole lobster grilled a la plancha. But what makes Effect Mer different is also the Sunday brunch, a real institution.

The Kulte Sea Effect drink?

We like originality on the bar side and this is reflected in our cocktails.
The Zombie cocktail is a must-try! Its ingredients? 2 different rums, passion fruit, orange, cinnamon, lime, grenadine, angustura… Everything, flambé!