The Wine Bar is Kulte

It's the music festival, and the first day of summer!

And for more than two years now,
our brand is a partner of the famous Carcassonais bar “Le Bar à Vins”
On the occasion of this partnership re-engagement, we have created unique and original t-shirts for this bar with a friendly and above all musical atmosphere.

The particularity of this atypical place lies above all in its location,
in fact, it is located in the heart of a place which was formerly called "the Nuns' Enclosure"
listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1996.

The Wine Bar is not just a bar, you can taste delicious dishes prepared with love by the chefs, as well as drink a selection of regional wines.

All their cards are available

here :

the wine list
the food menu

To mark the continuation of this collaboration, we interviewed Marie Hélène Rigaudis,
owner of the Wine Bar in Carcassonne.


How did your collaboration begin?

My memory is failing…Always seen Kulte in our seasonal t-shirts

Why did you choose Kulte as your partner?

For Kality!

Have you done and/or are you going to do special events related to our brand?

Our summer will be special with your colors every day!

How would you characterize your bar?

The secret garden of the City of Carcassonne

The Kulte interview

Your Kulte wine?

Esperandieu de Cailhol Gautran Minervois White!

Your Kulte dish?

All of Michel Guerard’s dishes!

Your Kulte music?
Boa Sorte by Ben Harper & Vanessa de Mata

The Kulte evening at your bar?

The Ed Banger Records evenings with June 21 (Myd and Borussia), and September 21 (Busy P, aka Pedro Winter)

What is the composition of your Kulte board?

Vintage sardines in olive oil, accompanied by cheese from the Epicerie de Marc.


the Wine Bar is organizing a special “Ed Banger Party” evening!
If you're in the area, don't hesitate to go take a look!