Draw your Kulte!

The best one to talk about it is Carole :-)

Degaine is a cult brand that started 3 years ago in this museum of vintage and beauty, the St ouen flea markets in the Paris region.

Not to hide anything from you Degaine also comes from a click that I had in Marseille and Corsica seven years ago already because my friends call me "Degaine" there! What's incredible is that since 20 years old I love the Kulte brand whose origins mix Marseille, Corsica and the south.

The redeployment of the brand for 4 years around its strong values, commitment, the festive, the vintage and the sunny side go straight to my heart :-)

Today this collaboration is not a sign of chance, Kulte dressed me for years I was simply understood by this brand, now to see Degaine and Kulte together on a limited edition tshirt made in Portugal in 100 % Organic cotton is obvious to me and an inevitable encounter.

We will shake and wake up with our “Degaine ton Kulte” t-shirt....

So we drew the Kulte portrait of Carole:

Your Kulte film: Dirty Dancing

Your Kulte actor: Al Pacino

Your Kulte singer: Veronique Sanson

Your Kulte song: Decadance

Your Kulte place: Brignogan beach in Brittany

Your Kulte object: My tweezers

Your Kulte dish: My mother's lasagna

Your Kulte drink: A bottle of Hépar (editor’s note: we are very disappointed)

Your piece in your Kulte wardrobe: My full glitter sneakers

Your Kulte color: Blue

Your Kulte line: Nickel Miguel

Your Kulte car: My Twingo from 2001